Why I'm Running

I feel our country has many issues, a lot have been exposed in the last two years, but there are a few that affect everything. Until these are addressed everything our government does will be tainted.

The first problem is the way our laws are written. No law needs to be 1,000 pages. The only reason for that is to push through things that would not pass on their own. So, our politicians jam as much bullshit in one bill as they possibly can. They fill them with loopholes and favors that sell out our country at the detriment of the American people, all the while ignoring the conflict of interests because it benefits their pockets. This practice is not only disgusting but it's also unsustainable, It’s time to Regulate the Regulators.

Another major Issue that is largely ignored, because it benefits the people who it would regulate, is the power and influence money has over politicians. Corporations, special interests, and PACs hurl massive amounts of money at our politicians and they gladly accept it. They sell out the will of the people they were elected to represent for their own benefit.

Yes, we have problems with our economy, our healthcare system, our education system. These are big problems and they need to be fixed but until we change the way we write our laws and how money buys politicians, in my opinion, every bill, law, or action our government enacts will be corrupted.

This is the main reason I’m running for office. These issues need to be fixed. I’m not sure if any politicians see these problems or they don’t want to buck the system that feeds them.

I wrote two clear, simple bills that address both of these issues. Please check them out and let me know what you think. Finally, if you agree with any of this, Please like, share, subscribe, tag or comment . It helps out with algorithms that big tech uses to stifle free speech and it’s the only way a small campaign like this can survive

Please check out my two bills that I hope would help solve some of our country's issues. New Bills Act.   New Bills Act with Notes  and  Americans First Act.  Americans First Act with Notes