I was born and raised in Western New York. In 1998 I graduated from Eden High school. Right after, I joined the Army. Unfortunately early on I got hurt and was medically discharged.

Next I went back to school and got my Bachelor's in Business Administration. I wasn’t sure what to do, in between a few odd jobs I met the woman I was going to marry.

A few more years go past and we bought a house, had some kids, got married, I even joined the local volunteer fire department, and in 2010 I started an asphalt business. Don’t get me wrong life always had it’s challenges but it was good, I didn’t realize how good.

Then in 2020 the pandemic hit. Up until this point I never thought about becoming a politician. I never really cared a lot about politics in general. Hell, I don’t even own a suit.

The pandemic showed some major cracks in the system. Flaws that go beyond bipartisan issues, Flaws at the foundation of our government. How our laws are written. How money buys more influence than the will of the people.

I always knew politicians were corrupt but Covid showed another level of their corruption. How harmful and embarrassing our government truly is. I feel that our country is being lead down the wrong path by greedy politicians who know the consequences, yet still choose the dollar over the people. The worst part is that the only way it can be fixed, if it can be fixed at all, is from the inside.

So I figured for the sake of my country and my children I would have to try to do something . The only thing that I can see that would help is to start to regulate the people causing the problems.

If you’re reading this and you get the same “somethings not right" feeling, even a hint of it. Then please, help out this little grassroots campaign by using my socials. Like, Share, Comment, and Tag. Thanks.

Please check out my two bills that I hope would help solve some of our country's issues. New Bills Act.   New Bills Act with Notes  and  Americans First Act.  Americans First Act with Notes