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Keep your Money

A Different Kind of Campaign

I am running a campaign without donations, (no, I'm not independently wealthy and yes, I realizes this is a huge self-imposed obstacle). I know this is foolish but I'm doing it for a few reasons. First I'm running on a platform of getting money out of politics, I think asking for money has a hypocrisy to it. Plus I find it repulsive, almost insulting, that politicians ask you for money to fund their aspirations. If you asked them for money, do you think they would give it to you?

Next I'm suppose to ask all my friends and family to donate. There is a good chance I'm going to lose this, (I hope not and I'm still going to fight but my opponent's campaign has millions. Is she just buying her way in? We don't have to get into that now) I'm not going to ask anyone to give, I would feel too guilty wasting their money. 

Please Keep Your Money, Take your family out to dinner, pay a bill, buy that new fancy thing-a-majig you had your eye on.

I know that this is a very unusual way to run a campaign, but it is the change I'd like to see in the world. I hope this give a little insight to how I would go about politics, (Maybe I'm the weird one but it doesn't make sense to spend millions on a job that pays under $350,000. Unless your recklessly spending other peoples money or your benefiting in some other way, we don't have to get into that now).   

The only thing I ask is to help spread the word. Talk to people about my campaign and what I'm hoping to accomplish, and please use my Social Medias. Subscribe, Like, Share, Tag (Podcast, Celebrities, Influencers and Independent Media as well as your friends) and Comment. It helps out the algorithms that big tech uses to stifle free speech and its the only way a small campaign like this can survive.

Please check out my two bills that I hope would help solve some of our country's issues. New Bills Act.   New Bills Act with Notes  and  Americans First Act.  Americans First Act with Notes

P.S. I am running this low budget campaign by myself. I would ask you to please excuse and typos, poorly phrased thoughts, or general mistakes that may occur. I would love to have had a writer or editor on staff but it's just not the case for me. Thank you for your understanding.