There are a few issues with the economy that are concerning. Inflation being one of them. The massive amount of money printed in the last two years has had a direct effect on the rise of Inflation. Not only does it destabilize the dollar but it also devalues everyone’s bank account. 
Next, this country use to be one of the biggest manufacturers in the world. Shipping Jobs overseas has left our manufacturing a shell of what it used to be. We need to bring these jobs back home.
Not long ago we were a lot more energy independent, now we import oil that we could be producing ourselves. In turn we are paying more at the pump and putting our money in other countries pockets.
We need to become more self-reliant, which will help secure our nation as a whole.


This is an issue that is near and dear to me. As a father I want my children to get an education, not to be indoctrinated. To be taught to think, not what to think. To learn American history, the good and the bad, not to be taught that a certain race is inherently evil because of the misdoings of their ancestors. Every race has it’s good and bad people.
I think parents should have a say in their children’s education, not to only be told what is going to be taught. They should be able to voice their ideas and opinions without fear of being labeled.
The education system in our country has been declining in both what is being taught and how it’s being taught. It stretches across all levels of schooling, from universities to high-schools to elementary schools.
It doesn’t end there, it spills over in to things like the removing of athletics, music, and art. These subjects help children develop a sense of identity, learn abstract thought and teamwork. 
We need to demand better of our schools. The minds of our young citizens are at stake.

Health Care

There is something wrong with our healthcare system now. Insurance drove up the price of medications and medical services so much that a visit to the emergency room could have a worse affect then the accident that brought them there to begin with.
Our country pays some of the highest prescription prices in the world. Big Pharma has bought so much influence that some of our politicians work harder for them then the people they were elected to represent. 
I know this is may not a popular opinion among my party but I feel a basic level of healthcare is a staple of a civilized society, similar to roads, education, and law enforcement. Because of the wasteful spending of our government and the lowering standards that comes with the lack of competition this would have to include a private sector as well. Unfortunately, our country is not ready for something like this. The financial and infrastructure burdens alone would be overwhelming, to say the least. 
There are things we can do right now. One big thing is negotiate the price down on both medications and medical services. This is by far not the only thing but it would greatly help alleviate the financial burden our medical system imposes on us.

Law and Order

I am pro police. I understand the law enforcement system in our country has its flaws, abusing their power, being used as tax collectors, but I feel they do far better than bad (or are given credit for). 
We need to help the people who help us by giving them the tools they need to do their job better, i.e. the funds they need, the training they need, mechanisms for coping with the immense stresses of the job.
One of the biggest problems with law enforcement today is bail reform. The way criminals are immediately released back out into society so they can break the law again is not only foolish but extremely dangerous.


Donald J Trump, I have conflicting views on the man. I feel he is a way, way way way better president than what we have now and our country is worse off with Joe Biden in office but I also feel that there are others out there that would be a lot better president than him.


1. Trump is Pro America and realizes the threat (imitating Trump) Chiiina poses. He’s not against the Chinese people, more so the CCP and their attempts to dethrone the US.

2. If he’s elected again, he knows some of the pitfalls that trip up a new president. Hopefully he wouldn’t make the same mistakes. Also, he could build on his America first policies (some of the ones Biden undid)

3. love him or hate him, he did bring to light some important issues (imitating Trump) #fake news, some of the corruption in our government, and the potential threat of Russia and (imitating Trump) Chiiina. He wasn’t the one who discovered these issues but when he had the chance he exposed them, many times at the detriment to his reputation by the people or things he was exposing.



1. His Ego, I feel sometimes his ego gets in the way or he could be goaded into doing something just by playing on his ego.

2. Whoever “they" are, will be going to go after him hard, much like his first term in office they tried to block/ discredit everything he does. This is not a conducive environment for getting things accomplished.

3. His past with Epstein. I’m not sure what his relationship with him was but I do know just the association looks bad (same as Clinton, Gates, and many others). I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt, I’m sure he’s met with a lot of bad people and not involved himself in their bad doings, (I’m not claiming he’s an angel or completely innocent of everything). If it is found out he did do something illegal, he should suffer the consequences, just as anyone else.

4. Jared Kushner getting money from the Saudi's. This is nowhere near as bad as what Joe and or Hunter Biden have done but it kind of has some of the same flavors. To me it seems a little unethical, and it's hard to take someone's claims of corruption seriously when they are doing something similar.

 The last thing is both a Pro and a Con, His “mean tweets.” This conduct is most certainly not presidential and I can see where it would turn some people off. On the other hand, I myself, am a little on the crude, unrefined side. I enjoy a good Twitter battle, a mean tweet, or juvenile mudslinging. Also, sometimes in the process the truth, a good point, or a unique perspective emerges.

With all this being said I am still on the fence about Trump.


Our country has a major problem at the Southern Border right now and our current administration refuses to deal with it. We need to secure our borders, whether it’s a wall, a moat with alligators or border agents holding hands in some weird version of Red Rover (that’s sarcasm for those who couldn’t tell).
Are immigration laws overly complicated? In my opinion yes, but that doesn’t give someone the right to not adhere to them. By doing so it’s a slap in the face to everyone who immigrated legally.
I truly believe immigration is something that makes our country uniquely great. I also feel that everyone that would like to come to America should be allowed, as long as they meet the qualifications (i.e. not a criminal, terrorist, etc.) and do it the right way. 
I think Teddy Roosevelt had a good take on immigration, “In the first place, we should insist that if the immigrant who comes here in good faith becomes an American and assimilates himself [or herself] to us, he [or she] shall be treated on an exact equality with everyone else, for it is an outrage to discriminate against any such man [or woman] because of creed, or birthplace, or origin.” He goes on to make other good points, I know some may choose to focus on all the “wrongs” he said (by today’s standards) instead of trying to understand the points he was attempting to make. (This is a completely different issue that we won’t be getting into now).
Much like many of you, my ancestors immigrated here and I am grateful and proud they did, everyone who is willing to do it the correct way should be afforded this opportunity.

2nd Amendment

I strongly support the 2nd amendment. I feel that without it our 1st wouldn’t survive. Just look what happened to Australia during the lockdowns and Canada with the freedom convoy. This is by no means an advocacy for overthrowing the government, merely a deterrent for a government with tyrannical ambitions.
Not only does it protect our freedom of speech but it helps individuals protect themselves, their families, and their property. Look at the “peaceful protest" during the “summer of love"
Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for common sense gun laws. Laws that actually make our country and citizens safer, not just prohibiting a gun because it looks scary. Things like not letting someone with a dangerous mental illness buy a gun. Not banning all weapons in cities but banning any weapon that used in your defense could be dangerous to your neighbor, or your neighbor’s neighbor or anyone or anything beyond that. I’m not saying I have an answer for this but I don’t think taking away someone's ability to protect themselves is the right solution.
If you outlaw all the guns, the only ones who will have guns will be the outlaws.


I know a lot of people feel this is a black and white issue. I on the other hand feel that this issue has some gray area. First let me say for the most part I am against abortions, especially all late term abortions. When someone uses it as a form of birth control it is disgusting, worse than disgusting, it is vile. 
With that being said I can see in some instances where it should be allowed. For instance, in rapes. I don’t feel it is justified to make a woman carry the baby of her rapist. I’ve never been, or could be, in this situation so my opinions are that of an outsider, I would imagine that a woman in that situation would want to begin the healing process as soon as possible. By not allowing them to make this choice you limit or even halt the beginning of their mending.  
Next would be in a case where the mother's life is in danger. For me, as a husband, there is no choice. I would choose my wife’s life.
Next, we get into the gray area, if a very young girl gets pregnant. Let’s say a fourteen-year-old, should a child be forced to keep the child. I know there are other options, adoption, but that’s still not without harm. I understand and agree with personal responsibility but to hold people to lifelong consequences for mistakes they made as a child seems a little harsh. Then again, the act of aborting a child is harsh as well. I don’t know the right answer here, I wish I did but, I don’t.
Not too long ago there was a woman who threw her baby in a dumpster, this happened when abortions were legal. I couldn’t imagine being a baby abandoned and left for dead. Thank God that the baby made it, but there are others that aren’t that lucky. I feel this kind of thing would only increase if we made abortions illegal, as well as women feeling like they don’t have a choice and then turn to back-alley abortions. 
For these reasons I feel the abhorrent act of abortions should remain legal. Not that the act isn’t awful, but the acts of some people who don’t have a choice would be more awful. I know this isn’t the stance that most of the district takes, for that I would put my own feelings aside and vote to represent the district. I understand the job of a representative is not to push their own ideas but more to take the temperature of the district on a topic and then represent what the people want.
I recognize that stating my thoughts on this will lose me some votes, I don’t care, I would rather lose votes honestly, than win them dishonestly. Besides being true to myself, I feel being honest, even when it’s controversial, is the right thing to do. And it could possibly lead to the building of trust that we sorely lack between politicians and the people.


t's not as controversial as other issues but that doesn’t mean it’s any less important. New York's southern tier has many farm communities, I grew up in one. Just because they don’t have the population that a city has doesn’t mean they don’t deserve representation. The 23rd district is unique, much like the whole of New York State, in that it has both many urban and rural areas, and to put the needs of one group over another is gross negligence, Mrs. Hochul I’m speaking to you. I feel that in order to do justice to the whole district one must take this in to account. Both the positives and negatives must be examined and a decision made that doesn’t benefit one group at the detriment of another.

Please check out my two bills that I hope would help solve some of our country's issues. New Bills Act.   New Bills Act with Notes  and  Americans First Act.  Americans First Act with Notes